Recently I was kindly given two hampers of meat from a local butchers Lloyd maunders in Camborne to see if I preferred supermarket meat or butchers. I was so excited as im a massive food lover and I couldn't wait to try the things they had given me, ive attatched some pictures of the meals ive cooked with the meat, and you can find the butchers here

 I usually buy all my meat from a local supermarket as I always assumed the butchers would be

really over priced, but walking into Lloyd maunders I was quite surprised to see how good the prices were considering you are getting better quality and local meat! 

Don't get me wrong you can get supermarket meat at ridiculously small prices, but you often find the meat is full of added water and loads of fat and rubbish. 

Ive decided that as a family we are going to eat less meat each week, and spend our money on proper meat from the butchers which will be better quality and healthier.

As a family we rely too much on meat, quite often we will have it for lunch and dinner so we would like to cut down and just eat better bits of meat when we do eat it!

I highly recommend going to your local butchers and trying there products! And if you live in Cornwall you should definetly try out Lloyd maunders in Camborne.


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