Hello everyone, sorry I havnt done a blog post in a while, life has been crazy as usual! Im definitely looking forward to 2019 being a bit quieter! Today I thought id share with you my current skincare essentials, that you all need to know about and have in your make up bag!

First off is this coco butter, ive only recently started moisturising regularly! ( I should of started a long time ago ) this one is by Vaseline and it smells and feels incredible! 

Every time I wear make up, I remove it with coconut oil, I rub it into my face, and I wipe it clean with a reusable make up wipe! The coconut oil literally melts your make up and its anti bacterial! You only need to use a tiny bit so this size pot lasts forever! 

At the end of every evening I apply this night cream from garnier, to help moisturise my skin and its also anti ageing so it helps prevent fine lines and wrinkles! It smells and feels incredible! Ive been using this for a while now and my skin definitely looks more youthful! I know im only 22 but now is the time to start using anti ageing products! 

In the morning I always apply a moisturiser to my face, this one is from nivea and its perfect for oily skin, and again it smells and feels lovely, I will then either put my make up on over the top, or I will just leave my face bare, depending on what im feeling like! 

These four products have worked wonders on my skin! What are your skincare essentials? Leave me a comment below! 

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