Its has been a long time since I last updated you on what's going on, I post a lot more regularly on my YouTube channel so make sure you go and check that out, by searching Lydia Anne on YouTube.

The past few months have been crazy, I moved out of my home that I lived in with the girls dad, and I stayed with some family members for a while until I was offered a place of my own.

I had a phone call on the Tuesday about a possible property I could have, the next day I went to view it and signed up, and the Thursday I had moved in! It happened so quickly it still doesn't feel real! I have a cute little two bedroom flat which I am in love with, its still not perfect and I have a lot of work to do, but finally me and the girls have a place to call home!

I filmed a few moving in vlogs if your interested in seeing what my flat looks like, I'm also planning on going back to work at the salon in January which I am very excited about, you know your a parent when going to work is a 'break' but I'm looking forward to doing some extra beauty courses and seeing all my lovely clients again, and working with my lovely salon girls!

Another big thing that's happened is I've been signed off from my counselling, they have seen such an improvement that I don't need to go anymore, and I'm honestly feeling a lot better! I also spoke with the doctor the other day and I've gone from 150mg of sertraline to 100mg to 50mg now, so I'm slowly cutting down and next year I will be off them completely. If you want to find out more about my post natal depression, I have a few videos on my YouTube channel.

Something else exciting has happened and I'm not going into too much details as its still very new and I respect this persons privacy and the fact that they have to get used to my life being posted on social media, but I'm now happy to say I have a boyfriend.

So that's it for now, were preparing our flat for Christmas, and our first Christmas with willow which is super exciting. I will update you guys again very soon, but I'm hoping to start doing more blog posts now! Let me know in the comments what sort of thing you would like to see! I have a few posts planned!

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