What its really like being a mum of two

In March 2016 i became a mum to my first gorgeous daughter Eloise, and in March 2018 i became a mum to another little girl Willow. And boy is it a massive change going from one to two!
Im not here to be all doom and gloom as eventually there will be more gloom than doom as it gets slightly easier, but im here to tell you the reality and how im coping.

First of all when you have a newborn you have never felt tiredness quite like it! And its fine for your first child as babies sleep a fair bit, so you can sleep whilst your baby is napping, however when it comes to child number two, you cant sleep because your running around after child number one, or your buried under the housework. The best thing to do is surround yourself with friends and family and ask them to have child number one for a little bit so you can catch up on those precious Z's. Plus an added bonus is child number one gets some rare 1-1 time. You can forget about the housework as there will barley be anytime to do it, and surprisingly people understand! I have always felt embarrassed when people come round and the house is a mess, but give yourself some credit you are far too busy creating memories with your little ones. 

Your probably going to feel even more guilt than you already do. I dont know what it is but as soon as you become a mum you constantly feel guilty like your not doing enough for your child but the reality is your doing your very best and thats all that matters, and most likely your child things your the absolute world even if your hair is a mess and you cant get out of your pajamas some days! But when baby number two comes along your going to feel even more guilt (yes its possible) you will feel guilty you dont spend enough time with child number one, and you will feel guilty your not doing as much with baby number two than what you were doing when baby number one was tiny. 

Before you have your second child you wonder if your going to be able to love another little human just as much as you love your first! And believe me you will, for some it dosnt happen straight away, its not always love at first sight, but that love will grow! For me my love for them both was instant, ive never quite felt love quite like it, its overwhelming! I would honestly do anything for my girls.
It actually is amazing being a mum of two, although there are a lot of hard days and you will probably cry a lot wondering how your going to cope, you get by and before you know it there growing up so quickly! Its so important to cherish every moment, even the bad ones! Because one day we will probably look back wishing we could do one more night feed with your precious newborn in your arms. Its amazing to see both your children interact with each other and build a relationship. Making memories as a family. And watching them grow older together, supporting each other. 

Are you a mum of two? Maybe more? How are you finding it? Comment on this post i would love to hear from you! And if you havnt subscribed to my blog i would love it if you could! Just scroll down to the bottom of this post click where it says view web version, then scroll down again and on the right hand side it says subscribe to blog via email. It would mean the world to me if you all followed my blog! 


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