What its really like behind the scenes being a blogger/youtuber and mum of two

So i  was recently inspired after reading a well known blogger/youtubers blog post Anna Saccone, where she opened up about her life behind social media, what its really like. It was amazing to read as she always looks so amazing and like she has everything in control, when the reality of it is shes just like the rest of us, however she has a cleaner and lots of childcare that means shes got that bit extra time to spend on her business.

Ive had loads of messages from mums saying they cant believe i have time to do youtube when they can barley get dressed etc, but im just the same as everyone else..

Recently ive been really struggling, it has been such a massive change going from one child to two, especially as my eldest is only two and still needs so much attention. My days consist of breastfeeding, cleaning, playing with toys, cooking tea then a little bit of sleep here and there. My partner works a full time job plus overtime, then he also plays rugby for a local team. Which gives me very little time with him, and when we do have time together its usually us having 1-1 time with the girls, or watching an episode of something here and there.

So all of that leaves me very little time to work on my blog and youtube. As well as the rest of my social media which i need to try and keep on top of. Ive been trying where i can to work as its something i really want to do.

So behind the scenes of the pictures i post on instagram, and all the youtube videos i post, there has been lots of tears, although i really enjoy what i do it has been hard recently because i simply just do not have as much time, i just wanted to show you all the reality of it, its not all glamorous, im not rolling in it, if you think wow how has she had time to put make up on let alone sit and film a video, trust me it has not been easy! And usually i bulk film and take tonnes of pics when i have so i have some content for a week or two in case i dont have time. And if you do see me on youtube or instagram all dressed up just know my house is a pig sty because of it!

Most people only post the good stuff on social media, but just remember theres a life behind those accounts, and its usually a mum sat in pajamas with kiddies running around destroying the house, posting a pic of when she last got glammed up which probably only lasted 5 mins.

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