The new Rimmel Sun Shimmer fake tan

Recently i was fortunate enough to be gifted some of Rimmels new tanning products from Influenster. They sent an instant tan, a mousse, and a tanning lotion.

The instant tan is a water and transfer resistant tan for up to 24 hour wear. Its so easy to apply and dries super quick without leaving you with a sticky feeling and horrible smell. I received the light one to give me a super natrual sun kissed look, which is perfect for the build up to summer. It also washes off really easy with soap and water, so if your worried about it 'going wrong' then you can always wash it straight off, but its so simple to apply i honestly dont think you will have any problems with it going wrong!

The mousse is fantastic, it gives you instant colour and develops over an hour so you dont have to wait forever for that tan to build up! Im forever putting tan on at night (as they usually develop over several hours) then i spent all night trying not to move, too scared of going into a deep sleep in case i mess my tan up, and also staining my bedding, well this one is transfer resistant. Again it dries quickly without that sticky feeling and horrible smell and lasts up to 7 days. Its defiantly my favourite product out of the range!

Last but not least is the tanning lotion which again dries quickly without a sticky residue and fake tan smell. And it gives you a flawless matte finish to achieve a lovely sunkissed look!

Sign up to Influenster for the chance to be gifted some products here Click here

Find the new Rimmel sun shimmer range here Rimmel products

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