What we brought our daughter for her 2nd birthday

We really struggled buying stuff for Eloise's birthday this year, she was so spoilt at christmas by everyone, she literally dosnt need anything else, our house is already full to the brim with toys, so it was hard to find things she needs & wants. So anytime anyone has asked me what she wants ive told them lots of practical stuff. Here is what me and Decarlo brought Eloise..

This gorgeous wooden dolls house from Asda, including the furniture set - £50 Find it here

These kids bottles from Hydr8m8 there perfect for taking to nursery, and they match one of mine so it will help encourage her to drink more water and stop stealing mine!! Find them here

This gorgeous floral bag from Tesco, she really needed a bigger bag for nursery and days out, and i saw this and couldn't resist it, its got a waterproof material and is the perfect size for fitting lots in! Find it here

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