Things you might want to tell your guests before visiting your newborn..

So your precious little bundle is here, and at some point your going to have a house full of visitors wanting to cuddle the baby, here are a few things you might want to mention to them before they pop round to make everything run as smoothly as possible! These may seam like some strict rules to some, but newborns are so delicate.

1 - Arrange a day and time, theres nothing worse than people turning up unexpected, you might be halfway through a potentially stressful bath time, or the baby might have just dropped off to sleep.

2 - If you have other children make sure they know there not only visiting your newborn but your child as well and not to leave them out, theres nothing worse than your other children feeling left out and like all eyes are on the baby!

3 - Dont wear any perfume or aftershave, we had a problem when our daughter was first born, my partner wore some aftershave which ended up in her having a rash on her face! So make sure all your visitors know this too!

4 - If the baby is sleeping, let it sleep, it may have taken a long time to get it to sleep and your probably enjoying some quiet time, the last thing you want is someone picking your baby up whilst its sleeping and disturbing it.

5 - Kissing the baby for me is a no go, ive read so many stories on family members and friends kissing there newborn and passing on germs and potentially life threatening illnesses, there are lots of stories in the media where babies have been kissed by people carrying a cold sore (whether its on the surface or not) and it ending up in a dreadful hospital visit! Babies are so delicate for the first few months, once that scary stage is out the way you can shower them with kisses.

6 - Taking photos for me are ok, as long as we are asked and there not posted on social media, its a very personal thing so you might be ok with it, but i think its always n
ice to ask the parents first!

These are just a few that i have thought of, if you have any of your own please feel free to comment them on this blog post! Its aways nice to hear what other people think!

And please share away!

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