Pregnancy essentials

I used sickness bands most of my first and second trimester, im not 100% sure they worked but they made me feel better mentally, and i felt when i put them on i wouldnt be sick, and believe it or not when i started using them my sickness didnt happen as often! Find them here

You will most likely want/need some daily panty liners, as gross as it sounds when your pregnant you produce more discharge, and its nice to refresh yourself during the day with a fresh pad and bin the dirty one, it also prevents any leakage you may experience. (dont feel like you need to buy big brands, shops own are just as soon, your vag wont know the difference between always and superdrug)

A pack of polos (mints) always come in handy especially if your experiencing any morning sickness, its always nice to freshen your breath if your out an about without your toothbrush, and sometimes a bad taste in your mouth can cause you to be sick, so its always handy to have a pack lying around!

Leggings are going to become your best friend, at the start you will use them as your bump is too small for proper maternity jeans but too big for normal jeans (annoying i know) but also in later stages of pregnancy you might be too big for maternity jeans, or just find leggings comfier in general! (You dont need to fork out for maternity leggings, just buy them in a bigger size to your usual, it will save you money)

Lots of T shirts, they are comfy as hell, long t shirts are the best as they will cover your bum in leggings which is always nice, but again dont feel like you need to buy everything in maternity (which usually costs more) just buy normal t shirts in a bigger size.

You will defiantly want a gym ball, there amazing to help with any aches and pains you get, and towards the end of your pregnancy its good to exercise on there to help get the baby into place ready for birth. I got mine from Argos but you can pick them up pretty much anywhere.

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