My Labour & Delivery Story - Following A Previous Shoulder Dystocia

So i recently did a youtube video covering this which you can find here Watch it here but i wanted to do a blog post as well as i can go into a bit more detail and take my time not to forget anything!

So because of my first daughters shoulder dystocia my specialist decided the best way for me to have my second child was to be induced at 38 weeks so the baby isnt as big and shouldnt get stuck, well my first was born at 40 + 5 weeks weighing 7lb 10oz and this second baby was born at 38 + 3 weighing 7lb 11oz so im so glad we were induced and i didnt go past 30 weeks as i was told she would have been over 9lbs if i did!

I went in for my induction on Wednesday 7th March, the hospital was very very busy! I had a pessary inserted at 11am they can stay in between 24-30 hours max. Then the plan was after 24 hours if labour hadnt started to be taken up to delivery suite where they would pop my waters and start me on the hormone drip. I had a few period pains on the wednesday but not much was going on, on the thursday morning i started to loose my mucus plug which was a good sign, i was also told i was 2cm dilated so my body had started to do something!

I was told that the hospital was so busy i would be extremely lucky to be taken up to delivery suite on time. I went to the toilet that morning and my pessary had fallen out, so the midwife had to put it back in, when she did she decided to give me a stretch and sweep to try and encourage my body to go into labour. Pretty much straight away i started to get contractions that were super painful! I went on so many walks around the hospital, my sister even came to visit and marched me up and down a million steps to help me progress. Unfortunately my contractions started to slow down and become less painful. My 30 hours of the pessary was up and it had to be removed. Now i just had to wait for my time to go up to delivery suite, but there was so many other people on that list!

On Friday morning (finally) someone came to get me to take me to delivery suite, i cried with relief as it had been a long few days and i missed my daughter so much, as soon as we got upstairs the assessed me (still only 2cm) they decided to pop my waters which wasnt easy as the baby was in such a funny position there wasnt much water around her head so instead of a big gush, it just slowly trickled out the whole time i was in labour! After a few hours of only slight contractions they decided it was time to get me on the hormone drip, instantly my contractions were more often and more painful, every 30 mins to an hour they would increase the amount of hormones released so i was contracting more frequently.

I spent hours rocking backwards and forwards on my feet, bouncing on a birth ball and doing squats to try and encourage the babys head to move down. When my contractions started to get really painful i decided to have some gas and air, i coped on that for a few hours and then i started to get exhausted and in a lot of pain, then i decided that i would have an injection of pethadine. That didnt do much at all. It started to become more painful to be on my feet or the ball and i was getting so tired!

I spent a long time thinking about the epidural, i went into the birth not wanting to have it (purely because i had it with my first and i couldnt feel my contractions when i was pushing her out which made me feel out of control) after hours of saying i didnt want it, i ended up giving in, i needed to rest more than anything and it was the only way i could do it! As soon as i had it in i regretted it because i felt like i let myself down as i was so adamant i didnt want it. They do say being induced on the hormone drip is more painful than naturally going into labour.

At some point during my labour (unsure of the timeline) i started to get really sick, i was hot and cold, i had a really high temperature, i was uncontrollably shaking, i was being sick and i just generally felt really unwell. It was very scary, i didnt know what was wrong with me but more importantly i was worried about the baby, straight away the midwives got me on an oxygen mask, had bags of fluids going into my drip and various other things that i cant remember! Luckily they managed to get me stable.

At 3.46am Saturday 10th March 2018 i gave birth to my beautiful baby girl Willow Edith Trerise. When i got to 10cm i had the midwife and a head midwife in the room with me, just in case the baby got stuck! Funnily enough the head midwife was the one that helped get my first daughter unstuck so i knew i was in safe hands.

Again i couldnt feel my contractions which was frustrating, but i started to push anyway, its so weird you only feel like your pushing  for 10 mins max, but for me an hour and 15 mins went by before she came out. I pushed and pushed, i was so desperate to get her out safely, at one point near the end the midwife went to get the ventouse and forceps and prepared to help me deliver the baby as she just wasnt coming quick enough, and they were concerned with me pushing so long whilst being so poorly. As soon as i saw the table with the tools on it made me more motivated than ever to get her out on my own, before long her head was out, shortly followed by the rest of her, i cried my eyes out, i couldnt believe i did it! I got her out on my own with no shoulder dystocia, i cannot explain to you my relief, it was the best thing in the world.

They passed her to me straight away for cuddles, something i didnt get with my first daughter! Then she started to cry which is the best sound in the world when they come out as you know there breathing and starting to clear there lungs! I had cuddles with her skin to skin for a while then i tried to breastfeed her, she took to it so well it took me about 15 mins trying to get her latched on, then that was it she learnt straight away and there was no stopping her!

Im going to end this post here, and i will be doing another post about her first week in the world.

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