My fave books to read for young adults

So i absolutely love reading and have done from a very early age, however i really struggle with a lot of 'adult' books, i find they use such big words i start to loose interest! So here are some books that i recommend reading if your the same as me! (Below are some affilate links which means i make a small amount of money if you buy something using my link, however it does not affect my opinion what so ever)

Before i go any further into this blog, i was just looking for some images to use, and happened to google one of my favorite authors, who i once was in contact through email with whilst i was at school, she helped me with my writing and was a lovely lady, im sad to say upon googling her name i found a newspaper article about how her fiance had murdered her. So i would just like to dedicate this post to her.

So to start with are some of  Helens books, i read these throughout school and thought they were amazing hence me emailing her! These books are about a young girl going through school, romance, and teenage problems in general!

1 - Life at the shallow end - Buy book here

2- Out of my depth - Buy book here

3 - Swimming against the tide - Buy book here

4 - Taking the plunge - Buy book here

5 - Falling hook, line and sinker - Buy book here

She also wrote another amazing book called running in heels, which is the same sort of story but its not in a series. - Buy book here

My other favourites are Zoella's books Girl online, again they are the same thing, coming of age, boys, school etc. 

Girl online - Buy book here
Girl online on tour - Buy book here
Girl online going solo - Buy book here

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