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My Name is Lydia Catherall aka Lydia Anne and im a 22 year old blogger & youtuber living in Cornwall, England with my two gorgeous daughters.

Im a trained beauty therapist and make up artist so i have a big passion for make up! 

My children are a massive part of my life so a lot of my posts are about parenting. I also love to travel and learn about different countries and cultures, i studied spanish in school so my spanish is very basic but im hoping to learn some more and teach my daughters at the same time.

I also have a YouTube channel where i post videos about make up, advice, recommendations. ( My Youtube Channel 

My first daughter Eloise is a very smart, gorgeous two year old (with the attitude of a teenager) she had a tricky arrival into the world resulting in a shoulder dystocia, which fortunately she has overcome and has got full movement back in her shoulder and arm. Her favorite things to do are signing and dancing, which were hoping to encourage with some dance lessons.

My second (and final child ) is Willow who was born in March this year. At the moment we are getting to know each other and she is busy growing, so theres not much to write about Willow other than how incredibly gorgeous she is! 

I really hope you enjoy my blog, its just a little bit of everything that we love, and we hope you do too! Please feel free to get in touch if you want a chat or want to work with us.

Lydia Anne x

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