Monday, 12 February 2018

Whats In My Hosptial Bag

Hi everyone, here is a list of things ive packed in my hospital bag ready for when i have my baby, ive also done a Youtube video on this which goes into a bit more detail, you can watch it here

• 4x Sleepsuits
• 4x Vests
• Hospital notes
• Size 1 nappies (supermarkets own brand)
• Nipple cream (Asda)
• Breast pads (mine are reusable)
• 2x Packs of maternity pads (Tesco)
• Comfy clothes to come home in (i got joggers & a matching top)
• Phone charger

• Nightie
• Dressing gown
• Bottles of drinks & snacks
• Baby blanket
• 4x Black comfy underwear
• Sports bras
• Hair brush
• Shampoo
• Baby comforter
• Hair bands
• Fluffy socks/slippers
• Baby wipes
• Cotton wool
• Lip balm
• Deodrant

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