My Top 4 Skincare Products

Im starting to realise more and more how important it is to take care of your skin, especially as im getting older. Recently I have noticed ive started to get a few fine lines which I would really like to prevent and reduce. Here are a few skincare products ive been loving recently.

My favorite product ive been using recently is this Garnier night cream, its Anti-wrinkle, firming and radiance boosting and ive noticed such a difference since ive started using it! It feels amazing on my skin and smells lush too! I brought this in Superdrug.

Next is this day moisturiser from Nivea for Oily/combination skin, and its matt. This cream feels lovely on my skin and smells refreshing too, it soaks in really quickly and leaves a matt appearence. I also brought this in Superdrug.

Next is something ive been raving about for ages and needs to be in everyones home, is this miccelar water from Garnier. The one im using is this pure active one for oily skin prone to imperfections, but they do one for every skin type so there is one to suit everyone. Ive been using this for well over a year and i cant rave about it enough, it takes my make up off so easy, especially tricky to remove mascara. All you have to do is pop some on cotton pads and hold it on your eyes for around 30 seconds and wipe off. Its as simple as that!

Finally this face wash from Simple has been one of my favorites recently, its really refreshing and leaves my skin feeling really soft and clean.

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