My Birth Plan Following A Previous Shoulder Dystocia

So as most of you know my first labour and delivery was a bit of a tricky one, my daughter was born with shoulder dystolcia so it meant that the first few months of her life, her arm was limp and lifeless, we eventually started going to physio and its since improved and now you wouldnt even notice anything had happened to her, however it could have been a lot worse so we are very fortunate to have Eloise with us today!

Going forward i knew having another baby would be scary, and i would have to alter my labour and delivery to prevent any damage happening to the second child. I was booked in to see a certain specialist at my local hospital to talk about a plan for the babys birth, he didnt give me much information at all and just said it was up to me but there was a increased risk having another vaginal birth, so we decided to have a cesarean section. A few months later we were booked to see him again just to confirm everything, however it was a different man in the appointment, he confirmed his name and he was in fact the person we were supposed to see the first time! So the first man we saw had gone on someone elses name and not informed us who he was!

Anyway the second specialist was great, he asked about why we wanted the section and then said i could be induced a bit earlier than my due date and it would mean the baby is smaller and would be easier to deliver. (I had previously asked the first specialist if this was an option and he told me no)

So i was very hesitant as it still carried a fair bit of risk, he assured me that the midwives would be told to look out for me and if at any point they were in doubt it wasnt progressing as well as it should they would take me for a section.

So with this is mind i need a birth plan, with my first i didnt bother with one, i thought they were silly, my only plan was to have the baby, i didnt have any special requests other than my partner cutting the cord and announcing the sex of the baby.

I waited until my midwife appointment at 35 weeks where i thought we would discuss a birth plan seeing as were getting close to my due date, but no they didnt even mention it, once again i had been let down by the system, i was told i was anemic and had been for 6 weeks and they failed to tell me in my previous appointment.

Going forward i knew i had to make my own birth plan, so these are the things on my list

• Me and my partner only
• The only people that know our induction date are the people taking care of eloise (so were calm and are not bombarded with messages)
• Be as active as possible, if it means walking around the hospital or bouncing on a birth ball
• Decarlo to cut the cord if possible
• No epidural if it can be avoided but open to gas and air
• To give birth in any other position other than laying on my back

I knew all of these things would help me stay calm and also help the baby come out as smoothly as possible. So wish me luck!

You can watch my video on my birth plan here -

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