Cute Accessories For A Baby's Nursery

If you have a little bab already, or your due to have one, here are some cute ideas for the baby's nursery that your going to love!

My favorite thing at the moment in Eloise's room is her flower E, its absoloutly stunning and adds a hint on colour to your room, its from Preston Avenue, you can customise it by choosing the letter of choice, flower colours and size and the paint colour or glitter. Im dying to get one for myself and for baby number two! If you fancy one for your child or even yourself then you can get it here and using my discount code LYDIAANNE10 you can have 10% off! They even do ones for boys with cars/planes etc!

Another gorgeous thing i have in both the girls rooms is this light up cloud from Asda, it changes colour and gives out the perfect amount of light at bedtime, it looks so pretty as it is you dont even need to turn it on!

I got this lightbox from the works, but you can buy them pretty much anywhere, i think its lovely to have your childs name spelt out, or a cute little quote, it just adds a bit of something to there room!

Next is this gorgeous wall art from Coconut Lane, they come unframed so the frame i brought from b & m but its just a plain one so again you can get them pretty much anywhere, Coconut Lane do some amazing wall art to add a bit of colour to your room or a cute little quote! I even have one in mine! You can shop for it here using my code LYDIAANNE20 for 20% Off

This lovely cube unit i got from Argos, i got one for both of the girls as its cute to put books on or little ornaments, i also brought the canvas boxes from Argos, they come in a pack of four so i split them between the girls rooms.

Last but not least is this gorgeous bambi buntin, im in love with it, i have it currently above the baby's snuz pod, as its not hugely long, but it looks so gorgeous and again adds a bit of colour. I got this from Lulus Bunting on Etsy

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