My essential products for breastfeeding

So just following last weeks post on my breastfeeding products, i wanted to share with you some of the products i used that helped my breastfeeding experience.

First thing is a breast pump, so your partner/family can get involved in feeding the baby! I used this tommee tippe manual breast pump, you can also get electric ones, but i found this manual one easy because on our first night out alone when Eloise was 4 months old, i needed to take my breast pump with me to express and dump the milk in the toilet so my boobs didnt leak all over the place, glamorous i know!

You will 100% need some nipple cream, when i had Eloise this is the particular one i used, but i brought a cheaper brand for when i have the next baby. Your nipples will most likely be sore and dry so its a really good product to invest in, the best ones to get are the ones you dont have to wipe off before feeding.

Breast pads are an absolute essential when breastfeeding as you will leak a lot! I used the tesco ones with Eloise but someone told me you can get washable ones so im going to have a search around for next time.

Sports bra's are really handy to sleep in at night because they are so comfy and you will need to wear something to bed so you dont leak everywhere but something thats easy to remove to feed the baby, i brought mine from peacocks but you can buy them pretty much anywhere.

Nursing bra's are defiantly needed, you dont need to buy expensive ones! Mine were from H and M, you will probably need four in case you leak through to your bra its nice to have some back up ones to wear that are clean.

I didnt bother with nursing tops, i just wore normal tops that were easy to pull down like strappy tops etc. I personally didnt see the point in buying loads of extra nursing tops that im only going to wear for say 6 months.

Last but not least, i got a c shaped pillow from mothercare, i used this to sleep with whilst i was pregnant but its so handy to put the baby in whilst you feed them or to rest your arm on so it dosnt feel dead!

Thanks so much for reading this post, i hope you found it helpful! Leave any products in the comments below that you think may be helpful!

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