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Visiting Santa at Trevena Cross Nurseries

Today we took Eloise to visit Santa at Trevena Cross Nurseries in Breage, Cornwall. We took her last year when she was a lot

younger and it was great, but it was even better this year!

They had a little market on selling stuff from local businesses, like jewelry, bread, cheese, photos, crafts etc.

Then they had the santas grotto which is amazing, as your in the que they brought round chocolates, then there was a snow globe which you could stand behind and have a photo which looked amazing! There was also a enormous polar bear and fake snow and a talking owl and post box which is amazing for the kids.

Going there was free, and it only cost £5 to go and visit santa but the money goes to there chosen charities. When you go into the actual grotto there is a fantastic display of lights and status of animals, before you see father christmas so its a lovely experience. Then at the end you get to choose your own present from santa so theres stuff to suit all ages. This year Eloise chose a toy dog.

They also had a band there playing festive music which was nice! Its the best santa's grotto ive ever been to and well worth its money!

Where have you been to visit santa this year?

I filmed the whole experience which will be up on my YouTube channel 'Lydia Anne Vlogs' tomorrow. Lydia Anne Vlogs Channel - go subscribe here.

You can also subscribe to my main channel where i post regularly here - Lydia Anne

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