Reflecting on 2017 & what does 2018 have in store for us?

This year has been incredible for us as a family, we celebrated Eloise's 1st Birthday and all the milestones she has reached this year! We saw her take her first few steps and now she wont stop running around the place! Her speech is absolutely incredible she is so forward for her age. We transformed her cot into a bed ( as she was jumping out of it) We also took her abroad for the first time to Cuba!! We went there for my 21st Birthday with my parents and it was amazing, it was Eloise's first time on a plane and leaving the country and it gave us some well needed family time! 

My Youtube has grown a lot this year, im more consistent and getting a lot more subscribers and views which im so pleased about! Ive been really enjoying filming and writing content for you all and i think ive grown so much as a person on YouTube, im much more confident in front of the camera and my editing skills are improving! 

So what will next year bring for us?

Well we have another beautiful baby due in march, Eloise cannot wait to be a big sister and we cannot wait to complete our family!

Im hoping if i dont reach my 1,000 subscriber goal by the end of this year to reach it next year! Im planning on posting consistently on my blog and both my YouTube channels. I already have lots of content planned and some big ideas launching next year so there are lots of exciting things to come!! 

As a family we have some big plans next year! Were hoping to start planning our wedding (finally) & hopefully buy our own home and if not be making arrangements and plans to get our own home the year after (as i know these things dont come easy) Were going to be busy adjusting to family life with another child on board which is very exciting and hopefully spending lots of quality time together with our girls! Depending on what happens with buying a house if it dosnt happen next year we would love to get away for a small family holiday somewhere!

2018 is going to be our year i can feel it!! 

What do you aim to achieve in 2018? Have you got plans already? I'd love to know in the comments below!


Lydia Anne

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