What i think of the Dove baby range

So ive recently brought and been using some of the new dove baby range, the lotion and the shampoo and im so impressed with it i thought i would review it for you guys! 

The shampoo coming in a 400ml bottle so you get a lot of product! On the back it says it helps replenish essential moisture and nutrients in the scalp and its pH neutral so it dosnt irritate babys skin. It smells absolutely incredible and makes Eloise's hair really silky! 

On to the lotion which is my personal favorite, Eloise suffers with really dry skin especially on her legs so after every bath we apply the lotion and it leaves her skin feeling so soft and smelling amazing!! I usually squeeze some into her hand so she can join in rubbing the cream in so its less of a chore! It soaks in really quick as well which i was really impressed with as theres nothing worse than a nappy-less baby!!!! The lotion comes in a 200ml bottle.

I brought both of these in Asda when they were on offer for about £1-2 so you can pick it up really cheap!! 

I hope you enjoyed my review, let me know in the comments if you have tried the dove baby range and what you reccomend! 

Signing out

Lydia Anne 

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