Gender reveal

We are so so pleased to announce that we are expecting another girl!! Its our second and final baby for our little family and i thought i would be a little sad that i will never experience having a son, but actually im so excited to meet our little girl and for Eloise to have a little sister! 

At first we really wanted to know the gender then the weeks leading up to the scan we couldnt decide if we wanted to keep it a surprise or not, it was literally 5 mins before the scan we decided we should find out and im so glad we did! With Eloise we kept it a surprise and it was incredible but it was so nice to find out this time and do things differently like start decorating the room and choosing names etc.

We have one name on our list which we absolutely love! But were keeping that bit a surprise for everyone! 

I also thought id let you guys know im going to be writing a blog post every monday from now on! So keep you eyes peeled, also if any of you watch my youtube videos ive started posting twice a week so go check that out my two channels are 'Lydia Anne' and 'Lydia Anne Vlogs' 

Signing out

Lydia Anne x

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