IM PREGNANT!!!!! My first trimester

Hello all, as im writing this im coming up to 13 weeks pregnant, due the 21st March 2018 (my original due date was 24th march which is my daughters birthday) but the baby was measuring bigger.

This is our second and final baby and im so excited to share my journey with you, as i only started blogging and youtube at the very end of my last pregnancy.

So whats in store for you? Well im going to be filming and blogging my journey.

So my first trimester how has it been you ask? In all honesty its been aweful, dont get me wrong im so so lucky to be pregnant and not a day goes by i dont realise how lucky i am. However i have been super super sick and feeling so tired and grotty in general. My skin has been aweful ive got really bad acne all over my face which is very painful. Ive been suffering a lot with headaches because of the rise of hormones in my body and ive also just wanted to sleep ALL the time which proves very hard with a toddler running around

. Im sure at the start i had some kind of eating disorder which thankfully i have started to get over, but i was literally afraid of food, eating was a chore and for anyone who knows me you will know i ADORE food its the best thing in the world. So to experience this was really strange for me, i keep liking and disliking foods which can be really hard for menu planning and shopping. Ive also had a problem with drinking as well i keep forgetting to have a drink and its such a struggle to get fluids down me as i just dont want to drink. Obviously i just force myself in the end but its been an emotional rollercoaster thats for sure!

I really think the 1st trimester is the most testing time in your pregnancy, you may find out like i did your pregnant at 4 weeks, then you have to wait a whole 8 weeks until you have your scan to check everything is ok and see the baby for the first time. The only appointment you usually have in between then is a midwife appointment at 9 weeks, so unless your feeling super ill like i was you dont feel pregnant what so ever, your constantly questioning yourself if your actuallly pregnant or just had a bit too much to eat. Also most people tend to announce there pregnancy after the 1st scan when the rate of miscarriage drops significantly and you have a beautiful scan picture to share with the world. So if you are feeling grotty or just super excited for everyone to know the first 12 weeks can be really hard because no one understands what your going through (because they dont know) and all you want to do is talk about the little growing bean inside your belly!

Im going to be filming a little bit about my first trimester including meal ideas and things i would recommend to help with the start of pregnancy so make sure you subscribe to both of my youtube channels to keep up to date with the videos i post as i dont tend to talk about them a great deal on my blog. My main channel is 'Lydia Anne' and my other channel is 'Lydia Anne Vlogs'

I hope you enjoyed this blog post i would love it if you can follow me on this blog and leave a comment down below, maybe your due date if your expecting? Or even how you felt in your first trimester? Or some advice on how to cope for others to read?

Lydia Anne

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