Baby update - 1 year old

Hi everyone, so i have been wanting to film a baby update for so long, and its so difficult to film a sit down video with Eloise as she just wants to get up and move about so i thought i would do a written version instead!

As you know from the title Eloise is now a 1 year old! Still feels weird to say and type it! So this post is just going to update you on whats shes been up to and what milestones shes been achieving!

Eloise started walking about 11 months old, she took a few steps one week and the next week she was walking from room to room so it happened super super quickly, and now as im writing this shes running around all over the place! We recently brought her first pair of shoes from clarks however one of them has now been lost, we have searched the house so we have come to the conclusion that its ended up in the bin!

We made the transition from baby milk to cows milk about 11 months old. She was already having plenty of cows milk in her cereal so we thought we would change her over as its a lot less expensive! Shes been getting on really well with cows milk and we have had no problems at all. She has the odd day when she dosnt want much milk and other days where she drinks tonnes but i think thats partly to do with her being ill a lot recently! She usually has about two 6oz bottles a day!

Eloise has been going to nursery for a while doing 3 hours a week in the morning however now Decarlo has started a new job with more hours and im pretty busy working shes going to start going 8-6 one day a week which im sure she will really enjoy as she loves nursery and there always doing lots of painting and messy things, which is her favorite thing ever!

We have finally got her to start eating more and more fruit, she was loving puree fruit from the moment we started weaning her however the transition from puree to solid fruit has been rather hard but im now pleased to say she eats grapes, bananas, strawberrys and easy peelers! Although her most favorite thing in the world to eat is olives (she got that from her dad as i hate them!)

Eloise can now say a few words like mummy, daddy, nanna, nanny, no, yes, baby so shes coming on really well with that and shes starting to point to things and say those words as well! If you point to a picture of a baby or give her a dolly she says baby! So that shows she understands what shes saying!

I could literally go on for ages about all the amazing things she can do but im going to end it here! I hope you enjoyed this post and if you would like to see one of these a month please leave a comment below!

Lots of love



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