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Sometimes its hard being a mum..

Now this is something i wouldn't usually dream of writing about but after watching the video of Kate Middleton speaking out about how hard being a parent is it gave me confidence to speak about my own experiences in a hope that it might help you reading this.

From day one of becoming a mum its super emotional, from the day you get that positive test right up to giving birth and forever after that, you are filled with so many different emotions and i dont think it ever goes away! Happy, nervous, excited, there are too many of them to list and everyone feels different.

When i was pregnant i had a really hard time controlling my emotions so i ended up talking to a counselor to try and let some of my feelings out, i was over the moon to be pregnant but at the same time i was worried about money, how me and my partner would cope, scared if i could even give birth to a baby.

I thought that it would get easier and those emotions would go away but they dont it just changes a little bit and you have to learn how to cope with them! I still feel all of those but in a different way, i feel scared about something happening to my daughter, i feel worried about money still, and i feel so bloody in love with this gorgeous little human being ive created.

Being a mum is a daily battle with judgmental people, other mums and dads judge you, family, friends and even yourself! Im always thinking i could do better and i should be doing this should be doing that but i think we dont give ourselves enough credit! I watched a video the other day and it was asking mums what they think there child thinks of them, they listed things like there too busy, they dont take them out enough, dont spend enough money on them etc. Then they asked the children what they thought of there mums and they said, they love her, think shes amazing, think shes beautiful! You have just got to try and remember as long as your doing the best you possibly can for your child then your doing an amazing job, even if that means seeking help every now and then.

Im always seeking help and sometimes a second opinion, im a new, young mum and i will hold my hands up and say i dont know everything but then again who does? My most called person on my phone is my mum followed by my sister, they are both mums themselves and they have had a bit of experience. I probably drive them mad constantly asking questions but thats what their there for! Is her temperature too high? Should i take her to the doctors? She wont sleep what do i do? Is this normal? These are few of the many many questions i ask. I am very lucky to have them to support and help me and there is someone out there for everyone! Whether its a family member, friend or a professional make sure you seek help when you need it! There are some fantastic mum and baby groups out there in the community or online that you can join!

So basically i just want you all to know its ok to not be ok sometimes! Its ok to ask for help! Any mum out there that portrays the perfect life is in the same position as you, sleepless nights, tantrums you name it! Were all going through the same thing and we need to support each other! You are not alone!

Channel mum have a fantastic facebook group you can join for support from other mums, just search them and request to join!

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