5 ways to be more environmentally friendly

Can you believe this is my first blog post of the year? Oops

Anyway this weeks topic is something very close to my heart and thats the environment. I often get asked why im so passionate about it and honestly it just comes from school i had a science teacher who was also very passionate about it and she passed that on to me!

But we should all be passionate about our enviroment we live in and look after it, most people have the i dont care attitude but do you really want your children/grandchildren living in a world we ruined when we were younger? I dont think so! So here are the things i do on a daily basis that is so simple you dont have an excuse not to do at least one! 

Press the off button!

Its as simple as that turn off a light when your not using it, a tv, the radio. And the bonus of this trick is it actually saves you money!! Thats the main reason that motivates me to turn things off is that if i carry on my electric bill might not be as high! But at the same time your helping the environment! So constantly throughout the day im turning things off that arnt being used, then just before bed i quickly do a lap of the house and make sure everything is turned off. And to be honest i dont even think about it now its just a habit. We hardly ever put our tumble dryer on, instead we hang our washing up on a clothes rail inside or if were lucky enough to have nice weather it goes outside, saving electricity and also those clothes that cant be tumble dried.

Get a compost bin

Another really easy one that most of you can do, is get yourself a compost bin in your garden and put all of your green waste in there such as vegetable peelings, garden clippings etc. So this means that all that waste you would usually put in your bin isnt going to the landfill site and filling that up but you can re use it in your garden when it turns into soil. How amazing is that? And once again its saving you money! Make sure you have a look online at the things you can compost though before you start throwing random stuff in that cant decompose!


Not everyone has a little van that comes and collects your recycling every now and then but its not a good enough excuse not to do it! Most of us are forutnate, i literally pile all my recycling up every two weeks and someone collects it. However i have been living in places that dont so i take it to my local recycling centre, even my local tesco has a recycling bit! You can get your recycling box and bags for FREE at your local council office. Then all you have to do is fill it up with stuff like plastic, cardboard, glass and metal. If you think about it, in a way this is saving you money, instead of filling up those plastic bin bags, your box gets emptied and passed back, and lets be honest bin bags can be bloody expensive! 

Get rid of the stuff you dont want without hurting the environment

For us as a young family we unfortunately dont have any spare money to randomly give to charity, however our way of giving is once a month gathering stuff we dont want or use anymore or things we have grown out of and giving it to our local charity shop! I mean why throw something in the bin if someone else can get a use out of it? Its so wasteful! 

Ditch the plastic bags

Shops have made it a lot easier now to cut down on the amount of plastic bags we use because you have to pay for them now! But lots of people are still choosing to buy them! Invest in some stronger bags that arnt plastic and not only do they save you money in the long run but they dont break! Simply leave some in your handbag, car etc and you will never be without one!

:REDUCE                      : REUSE                         :RECYCLE

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