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Part 2 of saving money tips for Christmas (& in general)

So if you didn't read part 1 then make sure you go and check that out, but i have a few more helpful tips to share with you!

Buy from the charity shop!

So since i was little we would send all the things i didn't want anymore to the charity shop and as a little girl i loved going in to our local save the children shop and buying 'treasures' (usually a necklace or some ornament) and more recently i have still been sending our stuff but i have an even bigger love for the charity shop since having a little girl! Dont get me wrong i love to splash out on Eloise every now and then but at this age (7 almost 8 months) there really is no point on her having a massive expensive wardrobe (i have that all to come) id rather be spending money on the things she needs rather than dressing her like a fashion queen. I have brought some absolute gems from there, most of the clothes ive brought look brand new and most likely are! And at the moment shes only wearing a certain size for 3 months max so its great to pick up a few t-shirts for 50p and helping a charity at the same time! Decarlo's nan brought us a baby-grow a few months back and it was from a charity shop probably cost 50p max and it had the tag on it (Jasper Conran) which is designer, i googled them and to buy new there about £15 so we were well chuffed with that bargain! I will carry on going to my local charity shops for years to come as i know what kids are like with there clothes and toys! It will save you a fortune.

Freeze your leftovers 

There are fresh frozen meals in here just didnt fancy
digging everything out for a pic!
Now that eloise has started eating meals most of the food that we dont eat will be frozen into little portions for her to eat on other days when we might fancy a spicy curry that she wont be able to eat. I also make a lot of food in bulk so i can take a frozen meal to work or for tea one night if Decarlo isnt in. It saves so much money as a lot of the time pasta sauces and meat etc can feed more than two adults so you always end up with leftovers. It also means on the nights i 'cant be bothered' i can have a delicious healthy meal from the freezer rather than relying on the unhealthy alternative a ready meal (which i only have once in a blue moon)

Eat less meat

I absolutely love meat and if i could i would probably eat it three times a day, i cant think of anything i dont like, but not only is it really unhealthy for you to eat too much but its bloody expensive as well! So recently me and Decarlo have been trying our best to cut down and its going quite well! We eat things like fish, or vegetables and dont get me wrong it takes some getting used to but if it helps our pocket and health its a win win! Im hoping to do a few recipes on the blog especially over Christmas and even a few tutorials on my YouTube channel.

Go to the reduced section 

Every time we go shopping i check out the reduced section, were always picking up meat thats reduced and if were not eating it that night we freeze it as soon as we get home and its perfect for when you want to eat it, your just getting it a lot cheaper! The freezer is literally my best friend! We also buy reduced salad and veg but most of that you cant really freeze so it has to be eaten that day which is perfect if you havnt already planned out your meal! 

Now thats it for this week, im always running competitions on my Facebook page 'lydia anne' and my instagram 'thelydiaanne' so make sure you follow me on both to keep up to date with everything, but i ran a giveaway to win a cuppa joe body scrub and there will be two winners, so now im going to announce the winners, if they could message me on any of my social media accounts with there address i will get them sent out right away! The first winner is emily smith and the second winner is lauz1305 so well done to them and thank you to everyone who entered.

See you next Tuesday! 

Lydia Anne

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