5 Tips to save money before Christmas (& just in general)

Here are a few things i do to help save money before Christmas, i hope this helps you!

Cut down on your electricity bill

This one is really simple, not using something? Turn it off! Im a firm believer of this as im a bit of an eco warrior as well as a major money saver! I have having lights on for a start (im not a vampire) but if its not dark enough that you cant see the lights dont need to be on! You will be surprised how much electric you save which means more money for things that are more important!

                                                          Coupons, coupons, coupons

My wallet is always full of coupons, but do be careful they are made to make you buy stuff you dont usually, im always picking up the Tesco, Boots & Superdrug magazine because they are full of coupons! I have saved so much money using these.

Sign up to the loyalty card!!

I have cards for every shop! Tesco, Sainsburys, Matalan, Boots, Superdrug, you name it i have a card for it! Even if i dont shop in the place all the time your points add up, im always getting freebies in boots and most of the time i save my points up for christmas so that means free christmas presents for people! I also did it before i went on maternity leave as i knew money would be tight i saved all my points up so i could treat myself to some make up or a free subway and costa! 

Make homemade gifts

I will be doing a few Youtube videos on this coming up to christmas, if you have a small child, get them to do a hand print or a painting on a canvas and give it to the grandparents, aunties, uncles, they will love it plus it costs next to nothing but its got more thought in it than just buying a box of chocolates its a win win.

Dont always go for the brands

Recently ive been doing a lot of shopping in my local Lidl and i love it! Its so much cheaper and there are less branded items to catch your eye, ive been really enjoying a lot of unbranded food items, dont get me wrong there are a few branded things i prefer, but its so worth trying the cheaper alternative to save money and a lot of them taste a lot better!

Anyway thats me for this week, i will see you next Tuesday for another blog post! In the mean time check out my Youtube channels, 'Lydia Anne' & 'Lydia Anne Vloggs'

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