Growing Red Peppers (how i did it)

So in may this year we moved into a house with a garden and conservatory so one of the first things i did was get stuck in the garden and start making it my own, planting all sorts! And its now fair to say i have caught the gardening bug.

Later on in the year i decided that i would try and grow some peppers, we eat so many of them and im all up for saving money and growing my own. Well i was wrong on one thing, in the long run i will be saving money but i have to buy 10 pots and saucers (think thats what you call them) however if you already have those it wont cost you much at all to set up and i did decided i wanted 10 plants which i dont recommend as they turned out to be massive and take up most of my house (well conservatory anyway) You also have to buy compost for them and a tomato feeder (not very expensive)

So what i did was i brought a pepper from the shop to go with tea, i removed the seats and spread them out on a plate and left to dry for a day or two, then i had teeny tiny pots and i planted them in there, a small pinch per pot and covered them in about half a centimeter of soil. I watered them from the bottom and quite honestly it took a few weeks for them to come through, i was going to give up and throw them out and it was pure business in home life that stopped me, then one day i went out into my conservatory to throw them away and i noticed they had started coming through. I think the main cause for this is that i started growing them too late on in the year, i will go into more detail in a minuet. 

So i waited for them to grow constant watering and checking, then when they were about 10-20cm tall i potted them in bigger pots i believe they were about 30cm wide and pretty deep (guess im not good with measurements) and believe me they looked so small in the pot but now i have seen how big they are im so glad i put them in that size pot! So they took a while to grow i think i started in about early june and its now october and i have green and red peppers. When they started to flower the fruit came from them, so we started to give them a bit of tomato food about once a week and as the plants were bigger i pretty much watered them every day! 

Your probably reading this and thinking omg it takes ages for them to grow... im going to trial it next year but i started quite late on in the year, my gardening book suggests you sow the seeds from late winter to early spring, and as you can see i started mid summer. So i think the growing time will be reduced if you do it when the sun is out more etc.

As the plants got bigger my dad brought over some home grown bamboo and cut them into pieces and tied my plants to them as they were starting to fall over with the heavy fruit! My peppers were so big and they were green for ages (possibly to do with the weather) i dont like the taste of green peppers personally i only like yellow and red, so i was super worried i was going to be stuck with green ones, but one day i went out there and noticed they were glowing and they started to go red, im not 100% sure why they didnt go yellow or orange first but maybe that depends on the time of year and how much sunlight they get.

When we harvested them i was so excited i was so proud of what i had grown purely by trial and error, we had them in fajitas and the whole experience was so worth it, they tasted amazing so full of flavour and when i was chopping them, they were so firm, it was also so nice for Eloise my 6 month old baby girl to eat something that was home grown and not covered in pesticides. I recommend to everyone to give it a go its so satisfying and not overly time consuming! If you have a green house or a conservatory that is perfect, else they need to go in a really sunny window and regularly watered! My plants are my babies (weird i know) and i honestly cant wait to see what i can grow next year, i have big plans for peppers, tomatoes, carrots and even a lemon tree! 

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Thanks for reading

Let me know if you try this at home and how you get on, i would love to hear your stories!

Lydia Anne 

(Pepper queen)

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