Changing to follow on milk with SMA #ad

Me and Eloise were very lucky to recieve some products from SMA we did this via the Insiders Website where you can review products.

So previously we were using aptamil purley because people had recommended it to me. After i received the SMA we got started straight away and i made Eloise her first bottle (no complaints there) she drank it all and seemed to quite like her new milk! 
One thing i do really like about SMA is the tin it comes in as its very easy to recycle (im a bit of an eco warrior) with the aptamil ones there cardboard and plastic and foil so its a pain to seperate those to recycle so most of the time it ends up going in the bin and filling it up!

A downside to the SMA is it dosnt have the bit in lip where you can wipe over the top of the scoop to get it level, but we managed to use the side of the can and it worked well! 
The tin seams to be better for storing the milk as its more air tight than the usual cardboard ones.

So overall im really happy with the milk and we will be switching over to SMA from now on, plus Eloise loves her hooded towel she got in the post. 

Thank you SMA and thank you to the insiders website! I will leave links down below for both of these.
Please leave a comment below if you have used SMA and if not why not and what do you use instead?

Lydia Anne

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