Cuppa Joe body scrub product review

Hello Blog, sorry its been a while, so i have something very exciting to share with you..

Cuppa Joe very kindly send me there 100% natural coffee body scrub.

And what can i say its flipping amazing, so it arrived the next day and i got the coco vanilla scrub and it smells amazing, for someone thats not a huge fan of coffee it makes me really want a coffee!!
The packaging is so simplistic and beautiful and so natural looking just like the product itself.

This is what Cuppa Joe website says about that particular scrub

Soft and gentle to your skin, our Coco Vanilla Face Scrub is Perfect for your face.  Soft Flakes of natural sea salt, Extra Virgin Coconut, Sweet Almond, Jojoba and Olive Oils and scrumptious Vanilla gently exfoliate your skin leaving you refreshed, glowing and ready for the World.

So i got into the bath and i was so excited to try the product i wet my face and put it on straight away.. well that was a terrible idea because i needed to wash my hair too! So next time i will be patient, wash my hair first and then use the scrub. I also used quite a bit of product when really you need a tiny tiny bit! So i massaged it into my face and body and left it on for the recommended 5-10 minuets. After i washed it off my skin felt really oily so i was super worried as i hate having oily skin. But actually when i got out of the bath and dried myself off my skin felt super moisturized and not oily at all. I cannot explain to you how much i love this product! Another reason i love it is because its 100% natural which means its not bad for the environment like those dreadful micro-beads.

Anyway ive talked enough now but i will leave the website below so go check it out and buy yourself some scrub they do lots of other flavors (think thats the right word) and i cant wait to try out more!

Keep an eye out on Lydia Anne Beauty on youtube for a video being uploaded over the next few days on how to use the scrub and more detail about it!

Peace and love 

Lydia Anne

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