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Being a Mummy... finally

Firstly i'd like to start with apologizing that its been so long since i have written on here.

But i have been extremely busy being a MUMMY!!!! I still cant believe it myself!!

So im going to tell you about the end of my pregnancy, my labour, and what its like being a mum. Well for those of you who follow me on youtube you will know all about it, but this is more detail, as i always feel like im rushing my videos.

So i was overdue (due on the 19th March) I had a stretch and sweep, (for those who dont know what it is google it, but please prepare youself) and it actually started off my contractions that evening! I went all night with bad contractions to only be told i was 2cm dilated. So i went home and after a while i realized i was loosing some liquid that didnt look normal, so i phoned the midwife and i went to see her right away, i was told the baby had pooed inside me and i needed to go to Trelisk hospital straight away. When i got there they realized my front waters had broken and there was defiantly meconium (baby poo) so i was taken up to the delivery suit where i was induced with a hormone drip. They started it off slow and then sped it up. I had all the pain relief in the world so i could get a bit of sleep but ive got to admit labour wasnt as bad as i thought it would be! So that was wednesday afternoon i was induced and thursday morning about 4am i gave birth. So i started to deliver the baby and the heart started to decelerate so they had to get the baby out quickly and my pushes wernt doing as much as they should as the babys shoulder got stuck in my pelvis as it turned around as i was pushing, so they got the ventouse (suction cup) and assisted me with the delivery, as she was being pulled out her shoulder was obviously stuck so she was left with erbs palsy, (nerve damage) so were currently seeing physio to get that sorted, originally she couldnt move it at all but now we are seeing improvement.

Anyway we had a beautiful baby girl weighing 7lbs 10oz. We named her Eloise Iris Trerise. She was taken to neonatal straight away as she wasnt breathing right away due to the meconium and shock from the horrible delivery, she was in there about 24 hours, for anyone that has been through it themselves you will know how i felt but for anyone else i felt pure guilt like it was my fault she was hurt and in there, i also felt like my baby had been taken away from me you see lovely births on one born every minuet of them holding there baby straight away and having pictures and just having cuddles for hours on end, mine was not like that at all and still to this day it effects me as i dont feel like i did the whole process properly and the great bits were taken away from me! So i was left on delivery suit with no bump, no baby, no nothing. Eventually i was well enough to be wheeled round to see her, she had a feeding tube in her nose, and wires everywhere i was in so much shock, we didnt get to hold her until the next day! After 24 hours she came to me on the ward and we stayed a few days. I just wanted to go home with decarlo and be our little family like we planned but it went so wrong. For anyone thats pregnant please take everything with a pinch of salt dont expect too much from your birth as it could all be very different. (Im not trying to scare you, just prepare you) Anyway im so lucky shes here and healthy, if they hadnt of pulled her out the way they did she could of been left with brain damage so im glad erbs pasly is all we have to deal with.

Now im a mum to a gorgeous little girl and i couldnt imagine life without her, i cant explain the feeling ive got when i see her its just amazing. I am so proud and so lucky to have her in my life. Im not going to lie being a mum isnt glamerous, its bleeding weeks on end, its leaky boobs that soak through your top, its pooey nappies and sick. But i love it in a weird way, Anway im leaving it there for now, but i will be updating you in the weeks to come.

Thank you for reading and i hope you enjoy it!

Here is a link to my vlogging channel where you will see more pregnancy and mummy videos

Speak soon

Lydia Anne

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