Confronting my fears - my proud moment!

Hi guys,

So i wanted to share something with you that i achieved today and to some of you it may sound small but to me its a big deal! Since ive been pregnant ive been a very nervous person, ive lost a lot of confidence, and one thing i was scared about was going out on my own.

So today my Decarlo took my car to work and i soon realised we had nothing in for tea, so i walked to town, to most people it would take them about 15 mins so its not too far, but for a pregnant person that is quite a long way! So i took my partners rucksack and walked into town to get some shopping, i was so nervous leaving the flat but just over half way i felt so so good about myself and the fact i pushed myself out of my comfort zone! Once i was there i decided to pop into Superdrug to treat myself to something seeing as i did overcome a fear. So i brought myself some skincare bits and even received a free gift! (More in my youtube video, check it out link below)

After treating myself to some goodies i went and did my grocery shop and walked home. I feel amazing for getting some exercise and confronting one of my fears and i want to encourage others to do the same, go out and push yourself out of your comfort zone because you might actually enjoy it!

From now on im going to push myself more and do more things because life is too short! Something that seams so little to anyone else is such a big deal for me and its made me feel great! Now all ive got to do is decide what exactly im cooking for tea as i brought a variety of stuff haha.

Thanks for reading, speak soon!

Lydia Anne

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