Welcome to my place (part 1)

Hi Everyone,

So i thought i would give you all a virtual invitation to my place and what it looks like since im obsessed with decorating and making my place look nice, im going to start of with the kitchen which is a working progress as we only moved in a couple of months ago and it takes a long time for a house to feel like a home, or in my case a flat. So me and Decarlo decided we were going to have a theme colour in every room so in our kitchen we decided red would be the best option. So here is a few pictures of the red things in my kitchen.

To kick it off here is my cute strawberry bowls, arnt they sweet? I use these for desserts mainly as they are plastic. I actually got given these after my nanny passed away, we always used to eat jelly out of them so they hold a lot of great memory's for me. I have no idea where she brought them from unfortunately as i would love a couple more.

I got these pots from Argos, my grandad gave me an Argos giftcard for one of my birthdays so i used it for these containers, i just love them there so bright and add nicely to my red collection. We dont use the bread one for bread funnily enough as we dont eat a lot of it so keep it in the freezer and take out a slice when we need it so just to confuse people we store super noodles and pasta n sauce mixes in there as well as uncle bens microwave rice (as i hate boiling rice).

Next is my window in the kitchen, here i have a cute vase Decarlo brought me for valentines day (because he broke my previous identical one) Inside it i put some fake flowers (shh) because its just to costly to buy fresh flowers every week, although i wish i could! These flowers were quite cheap and i got them from Wilkinsons in Redruth. The candle im obsessed with smells like berries, Decarlos gran brought me this for Christmas as everyone knows i have hundreds of candles in every corner and i love them, you can never get enough! The red theme is so strong ive even brought red washing up liquid haha crazy i know!!

This slow cooker i was given at christmas from my parents and its the best thing ive ever been given, i have cooked so much stuff in this its brilliant, especially if you have young kids, as when the baby is here and it naps i can chuck some ingredients in, leave it to cook, then serve it when its ready and we have a nice healthy home cooked meal with 0 effort put in at all!!. Im still experimenting with it as its quite hard to get the timings right as most recipes serve 4 people!

The toaster i brought the other day for around £20 in Argos, this is because my one i had before broke, it was my nanny's old one, i woke up half asleep put some toast in, turned the kettle on, went to the toilet came back and all the electric had turned off, turns out it blew a fuse so that was annoying, no toast for me that morning!!

I also have lots of red accessories like chopping boards, veg peeler, cutlery drawer, draining rack etc. But yeah this is my kitchen i hope you like it, its getting there slowly and i still have so much i want to do to make it better! Whats your kitchen like? Do you have any colour themes going through? Or are you somebody that has a mixture of everything? Leave me a comment below!

Speak soon!

Lydia Anne

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