Start of maternity - what do people actually do?

Hi all sorry its been a while since the last post,

I have been so busy working but now im officially on maternity leave, its day 3 and im bored already, i have 3 weeks to go until baby trerise is here! What do people actually do on maternity leave? I have cleaned the house several times from top to bottom, watched all the films i want, caught up on some tv programs, sorted through the baby stuff a million times, now im left wondering what to do next! 

People keep saying make the most of it as soon you will have a crying, screaming baby. Well ive made the most of it already and now im super bored! Please if you have any ideas comment below. So ive decided on my time off im going to post some videos on my youtube channel, do more blog posts and generally improve all my social media accounts as some weeks i post more than others.

So i have my baby shower coming up on Saturday which is super super exciting, my mum and my sister has arranged it all for me and its just going to be close family there which is nice! I will be taking lots of pictures to post up over the weekend! Can you believe its March next weekend? I cant either! It scares me a little bit because im due on the 19th so it literally could be any day now! 

Anyway, im off to do more cleaning, tidying and sorting out of bits (not that theres much left to do)
If you want to keep up to date with my vlogs then here is my channel on youtube

Speak soon! 

Lydia Anne

PS. What sort of videos and blog posts would you like to see in the future? 

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