Pregnancy - Third trimester

Hi all Lydia Anne here again..

So I thought id put up a little post about being in your third trimester of pregnancy for anyone out there that's in the same position as me! So im currently 32 weeks.. 8 weeks to go till the big day I cant wait! Im currently feeling very tired and fed up I feel like a humungous whale (I may not look it to others as I have a very petite build) my boobs (excuse the rudeness) are so incredibly sore, and the babys head is pushing down so it feels like ive got terrible period pains! What is the positive in this you may ask? Well at the end im going to have a beautiful creature in my arms that is mine, that I created! How exciting is that? Me and Decarlo cannot wait to meet our little one and to be parents for the first time, to experience sleepless nights and to fill our ears with crying and laughter.

If you are feeling the same as me and fed up and cant wait for your pregnancy to be over, then just remember there is a light at the end of the tunnel and your going to have something absolutely amazing at the end of it!

If you have any tips for new mums and how to deal with the above problems please leave a comment below as im sure we will all appreciate it! In the next few months I will be blogging about baby products that I love as its always helpful to hear from someone that has tried the product! Anyway im off to get some beauty sleep now!

Speak soon!

Lydia Anne

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