Cancer Research - my contribution

Please don't read this post if you or someone you know has been affected by cancer and you are an emotional person as this could upset you!

So I thought id write this post as recently the new cancer research advert has been really getting to me, I will post the link below for people that haven't seen it but basically its about a little boy called Alfie that is having a bath in hospital he is all wired up from his treatment and his mum is singing row the boat to him, as she does he dances and smiles. Its absolutely amazing how a little boy going through so much still manages to smile and look genuinely happy. This has been touching my heart as most of you know I am pregnant so I cant imagine my own child going through something as horrendous as this. My Grandma and Grandad both died of cancer so it has affected me really my whole life, I don't think there is one person on this earth that isn't affected by cancer in one way or another.

I do as much as I can for the charity and me and my fiancĂ© always take our unwanted things to our local cancer research shop and people who are fundraising I give them a beauty voucher from Lydia Anne Beauty to either auction off or raffle. I've decided this year im going to do more. Im going to do the race for life on the 15th May which is actually my birthday, along side me im going to have my little baby so im going to walk it! Im going to be doing some fundraising and asking for sponsers! Also in my last working month which is February before I leave for maternity every client that books in £1 from there treatment will go to the charity.

I urge all of you to dig deep and give to this amazing charity, if you cant afford a spare pound or your time then gather up some things around your house you no longer need and take it to your local cancer charity shop as every little helps!

Thanks for reading this is very important to me!

Speak soon

Lydia Anne

Here's the link to Alfie's video

The cancer research website

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