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Cute Accessories For A Baby's Nursery

If you have a little bab already, or your due to have one, here are some cute ideas for the baby's nursery that your going to love!

My favorite thing at the moment in Eloise's room is her flower E, its absoloutly stunning and adds a hint on colour to your room, its from Preston Avenue, you can customise it by choosing the letter of choice, flower colours and size and the paint colour or glitter. Im dying to get one for myself and for baby number two! If you fancy one for your child or even yourself then you can get it here and using my discount code LYDIAANNE10 you can have 10% off! They even do ones for boys with cars/planes etc!

Another gorgeous thing i have in both the girls rooms is this light up cloud from Asda, it changes colour and gives out the perfect amount of light at bedtime, it looks so pretty as it is you dont even need to turn it on!

I got this lightbox from the works, but you can buy them pretty much anywhere, i think its…
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My Top 4 Skincare Products

Im starting to realise more and more how important it is to take care of your skin, especially as im getting older. Recently I have noticed ive started to get a few fine lines which I would really like to prevent and reduce. Here are a few skincare products ive been loving recently.

My favorite product ive been using recently is this Garnier night cream, its Anti-wrinkle, firming and radiance boosting and ive noticed such a difference since ive started using it! It feels amazing on my skin and smells lush too! I brought this in Superdrug.

Next is this day moisturiser from Nivea for Oily/combination skin, and its matt. This cream feels lovely on my skin and smells refreshing too, it soaks in really quickly and leaves a matt appearence. I also brought this in Superdrug.

Next is something ive been raving about for ages and needs to be in everyones home, is this miccelar water from Garnier. The one im using is this pure active one for oily skin prone to imperfections, but they do one for e…

Whats In My Hosptial Bag

Hi everyone, here is a list of things ive packed in my hospital bag ready for when i have my baby, ive also done a Youtube video on this which goes into a bit more detail, you can watch it here

• 4x Sleepsuits
• 4x Vests
• Hospital notes
• Size 1 nappies (supermarkets own brand)
• Nipple cream (Asda)
• Breast pads (mine are reusable)
• 2x Packs of maternity pads (Tesco)
• Comfy clothes to come home in (i got joggers & a matching top)
• Phone charger

• Nightie
• Dressing gown
• Bottles of drinks & snacks
• Baby blanket
• 4x Black comfy underwear
• Sports bras
• Hair brush
• Shampoo
• Baby comforter
• Hair bands
• Fluffy socks/slippers
• Baby wipes
• Cotton wool
• Lip balm
• Deodrant

31 Weeks Pregnant - Braxton Hicks & Nerves

How an earth has this come round so quickly?

I swear yesterday I was announcing my pregnancy now I’m in my final weeks!

I’m not going to lie the thought of having a newborn baby frightens me! I’m so excited but my goodness I feel like a new mum all over again and it wasn’t that long ago I had Eloise! I’m really hoping that Eloise copes with the change well and everything runs smoothly! I cannot imagine having a little newborn and having Eloise running around as well! I’m going to have my hands full to say the least! But it’s so exciting to be completing our family and finally start planning our wedding for next year!!!!!!

The past week I’ve had Braxton Hicks every single day, they are becoming quite painful as time goes on so I’ve been trying to take it easy and rest whenever i get the chance! So I’m not going to lie my housework isn’t top on my list of things to do at the moment!! I recently filmed a proper pregnancy update on my YouTube channel if you want to go and check it out! Ju…

My essential products for breastfeeding

So just following last weeks post on my breastfeeding products, i wanted to share with you some of the products i used that helped my breastfeeding experience.

First thing is a breast pump, so your partner/family can get involved in feeding the baby! I used this tommee tippe manual breast pump, you can also get electric ones, but i found this manual one easy because on our first night out alone when Eloise was 4 months old, i needed to take my breast pump with me to express and dump the milk in the toilet so my boobs didnt leak all over the place, glamorous i know!

You will 100% need some nipple cream, when i had Eloise this is the particular one i used, but i brought a cheaper brand for when i have the next baby. Your nipples will most likely be sore and dry so its a really good product to invest in, the best ones to get are the ones you dont have to wipe off before feeding.

Breast pads are an absolute essential when breastfeeding as you will leak a lot! I used the tesco ones with Eloi…