Tuesday, 18 September 2018


Hi Everyone,

So its been a while since I wrote a blog post, ive been slightly more active on my youtube channel, but ive had a lot going on recently! My life has been turned upside down and im currently trying to turn it around.

So a few months ago now my girls dad left me, im not going to go too much into detail as its good to keep somethings private and I do share a lot! So along with that and being diagnosed with post natal depression ive had a hard few months, the break up was a complete surprise to me, I didn't see it coming, we were planning our wedding and looking forward to the future with our two gorgeous girls. Then sudd
enly I was left on my own to be a single mum. Im still coming to terms with what has happened, I still don't understand it, and it still dosnt feel real, I honestly never imagined I would be on my own as a mum, but it is what it is and ive just got to make the most out of a bad situation, and make sure my girls grow up knowing that there so loved by us both!

Its been really hard, but im getting to the point now where I feel like im getting somewhere, I just had my first counselling session, and im on medication to help with the depression. Now im just trying to figure out what to do with myself, how to be a single mum, how to co parent, what to do with my career, finding a house. Life has been crazy to say the least!

Its insane how quickly things can change in life, no matter how sure you are of something, in a split second it could change! But I know this ye
ar has taught me a lot, and its taught me how to be strong, how to carry on, and how to be independent.

I am very thankful to my family and friends who have been around recently and supported me! Without them I would have really struggled!

On a more positive note, im more sociable than ever, ive found out who Lydia is (as for a while I lost her) and ive realised that im one kick ass strong independent woman! And im more ambitious than ever! Im determined to create an amazing life for my kids regardless of any situation were in!

Please anyone out there if you are struggling, go and speak to your doctor, or local mental health team, a family member, a friend, literally anyone! It can be daunting opening up to someone, but things can turn around! I got to a point where I was so sick with my depression (before I had any help) that I literally felt insane, I could almost feel my head swirling around with all the thoughts, and ive managed to get better, so no matter how bad you might be feeling, people can help, and you can get better!

Sunday, 20 May 2018

What its really like behind the scenes being a blogger/youtuber and mum of two

So i  was recently inspired after reading a well known blogger/youtubers blog post Anna Saccone, where she opened up about her life behind social media, what its really like. It was amazing to read as she always looks so amazing and like she has everything in control, when the reality of it is shes just like the rest of us, however she has a cleaner and lots of childcare that means shes got that bit extra time to spend on her business.

Ive had loads of messages from mums saying they cant believe i have time to do youtube when they can barley get dressed etc, but im just the same as everyone else..

Recently ive been really struggling, it has been such a massive change going from one child to two, especially as my eldest is only two and still needs so much attention. My days consist of breastfeeding, cleaning, playing with toys, cooking tea then a little bit of sleep here and there. My partner works a full time job plus overtime, then he also plays rugby for a local team. Which gives me very little time with him, and when we do have time together its usually us having 1-1 time with the girls, or watching an episode of something here and there.

So all of that leaves me very little time to work on my blog and youtube. As well as the rest of my social media which i need to try and keep on top of. Ive been trying where i can to work as its something i really want to do.

So behind the scenes of the pictures i post on instagram, and all the youtube videos i post, there has been lots of tears, although i really enjoy what i do it has been hard recently because i simply just do not have as much time, i just wanted to show you all the reality of it, its not all glamorous, im not rolling in it, if you think wow how has she had time to put make up on let alone sit and film a video, trust me it has not been easy! And usually i bulk film and take tonnes of pics when i have so i have some content for a week or two in case i dont have time. And if you do see me on youtube or instagram all dressed up just know my house is a pig sty because of it!

Most people only post the good stuff on social media, but just remember theres a life behind those accounts, and its usually a mum sat in pajamas with kiddies running around destroying the house, posting a pic of when she last got glammed up which probably only lasted 5 mins.

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

The new Rimmel Sun Shimmer fake tan

Recently i was fortunate enough to be gifted some of Rimmels new tanning products from Influenster. They sent an instant tan, a mousse, and a tanning lotion.

The instant tan is a water and transfer resistant tan for up to 24 hour wear. Its so easy to apply and dries super quick without leaving you with a sticky feeling and horrible smell. I received the light one to give me a super natrual sun kissed look, which is perfect for the build up to summer. It also washes off really easy with soap and water, so if your worried about it 'going wrong' then you can always wash it straight off, but its so simple to apply i honestly dont think you will have any problems with it going wrong!

The mousse is fantastic, it gives you instant colour and develops over an hour so you dont have to wait forever for that tan to build up! Im forever putting tan on at night (as they usually develop over several hours) then i spent all night trying not to move, too scared of going into a deep sleep in case i mess my tan up, and also staining my bedding, well this one is transfer resistant. Again it dries quickly without that sticky feeling and horrible smell and lasts up to 7 days. Its defiantly my favourite product out of the range!

Last but not least is the tanning lotion which again dries quickly without a sticky residue and fake tan smell. And it gives you a flawless matte finish to achieve a lovely sunkissed look!

Sign up to Influenster for the chance to be gifted some products here Click here

Find the new Rimmel sun shimmer range here Rimmel products

Monday, 7 May 2018

What its really like being a mum of two

In March 2016 i became a mum to my first gorgeous daughter Eloise, and in March 2018 i became a mum to another little girl Willow. And boy is it a massive change going from one to two!
Im not here to be all doom and gloom as eventually there will be more gloom than doom as it gets slightly easier, but im here to tell you the reality and how im coping.

First of all when you have a newborn you have never felt tiredness quite like it! And its fine for your first child as babies sleep a fair bit, so you can sleep whilst your baby is napping, however when it comes to child number two, you cant sleep because your running around after child number one, or your buried under the housework. The best thing to do is surround yourself with friends and family and ask them to have child number one for a little bit so you can catch up on those precious Z's. Plus an added bonus is child number one gets some rare 1-1 time. You can forget about the housework as there will barley be anytime to do it, and surprisingly people understand! I have always felt embarrassed when people come round and the house is a mess, but give yourself some credit you are far too busy creating memories with your little ones. 

Your probably going to feel even more guilt than you already do. I dont know what it is but as soon as you become a mum you constantly feel guilty like your not doing enough for your child but the reality is your doing your very best and thats all that matters, and most likely your child things your the absolute world even if your hair is a mess and you cant get out of your pajamas some days! But when baby number two comes along your going to feel even more guilt (yes its possible) you will feel guilty you dont spend enough time with child number one, and you will feel guilty your not doing as much with baby number two than what you were doing when baby number one was tiny. 

Before you have your second child you wonder if your going to be able to love another little human just as much as you love your first! And believe me you will, for some it dosnt happen straight away, its not always love at first sight, but that love will grow! For me my love for them both was instant, ive never quite felt love quite like it, its overwhelming! I would honestly do anything for my girls.
It actually is amazing being a mum of two, although there are a lot of hard days and you will probably cry a lot wondering how your going to cope, you get by and before you know it there growing up so quickly! Its so important to cherish every moment, even the bad ones! Because one day we will probably look back wishing we could do one more night feed with your precious newborn in your arms. Its amazing to see both your children interact with each other and build a relationship. Making memories as a family. And watching them grow older together, supporting each other. 

Are you a mum of two? Maybe more? How are you finding it? Comment on this post i would love to hear from you! And if you havnt subscribed to my blog i would love it if you could! Just scroll down to the bottom of this post click where it says view web version, then scroll down again and on the right hand side it says subscribe to blog via email. It would mean the world to me if you all followed my blog! 


Lydia Anne 

Friday, 13 April 2018

Matching Mummy & Daughter Sets From Want That Trend

Recently we were so fortunate to be sent some clothes from Want That Trend, I was able to pick some items from there website, and i can tell you now that was the most difficult thing as theres so many gorgeous items! 

Ive added tonnes of dresses to my wishlist for various events ive got coming up in the year! I just cant decide which one to get for Willows christening! Ive left three dresses below that i have in my wish list, please comment which one you think i should get for the christening i cant decide!!

So me and Eloise received a gorgeous matching lounge suit - Dusky Pink Rene Pearl Detailed Lounge Suit. The childrens one is £24.99 and the adults one is £29.99 but you can use my code LYDIAANNE10 for money off.

The lounge suit was such good quality, it was so soft and the gorgeous detail on the front was well made too, i was concerned that the gems would easily fall off, but they are well stuck on there! Eloise absolutely loves hers and refuses to take it off! I think its so nice to match your daughter! I just cant wait until Willow is old enough so we can all wear the same!!! 

The adults sizes range from 8 - 

Heres a few items on my wishlist - see my full wishlist here My Wishlist

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Hi Everyone, So its been a while since I wrote a blog post, ive been slightly more active on my youtube channel, but ive had a lot goi...